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For a more open, diverse, and sustainable industry.

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About me

As an economist, I understand the potential of technology to create markets and make access to essential services more equitable. However, I also recognize the need for regulation to ensure that technology is used sustainably and does not aggravate existing inequalities. Identity is a key area where technology can make a real difference in people’s lives. Likewise, access and sustainable energy are also key to my focus as a business builder and investor.

In my work I have supported over 40 financial institutions and 8 governments to reshape their approach to technology, rethink the role of identity, and leverage their innovation agendas. I manage an international speaking calendar with the goal of helping business leaders, governments, and consumers understand the impact that data, privacy, and finance will continue to have on our lives. 

My journey and lived experience have informed my worldview. Born in Brazil, educated in Canada, based in Denmark and multilingual, I have encountered both sides of the digital divide. My mission is to build bridges and create value. I find particularly exciting opportunities with entrepreneurs and technical professionals based in the Caribbean, Latin America, and Africa where gifted individuals are working hard every day towards positive change!

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Brands I've Worked With:

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This is our journey.

It begins with awareness of an undeniable truth. Our industry has an identity crisis. Somewhere our humanity got lost behind the data points. This requires us to shift gears in how we operate. Let’s make it our job to pause, connect, and show up differently.


Remember to take a break, and remember that you are human. It’s important for your mental well-being as much as for your physical health!


We crave that our lives have meaning. This is why it’s important for us to create spaces – online and off – where we can exist in safety.


The power of stories is undeniable, allowing us to be empowered by reclaiming focus in a world that tends to label people rather than tapping into their humanity. 

Brasil Fintech Book

Brasil Fintech is the work of thirty-one amazing women. The book concept and design began with a long discussion about fintech world and trends influencing the financial market in Brazil and LATAM.

Brasil Fintech Book


Time for some real talk.

Here’s another truth. Open Banking, Data, Identity, Ethics and Inclusion are all about people. You, me, us. Together we can bring the finance industry back into balance. C’mon, let’s shake stuff up

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