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Pix no mundo

👏 Pix no Mundo is a new solution for cross-border payments in Latin America by Banco Itaú and Inswitch. It leverages the success of Pix, a fast, secure, and convenient payment system in Brazil. Brazilians abroad can use Pix to pay with their Brazilian bank account at any point of sale in Latin America, without currency conversion or international remittance fees. This is a game-changer for the region and a great innovation in the field of digital payments. 👏

How to Create a Long-Term Sustainable Technology Strategy

Sustainability has finally begun to emerge as a top priority for business leaders as it should be. Now pressured to change in massive ways which will impact supply chain choices, methodologies, and USPs, brands are demanded to explain how and why to consumers, investors, regulators, and their employees.  Compelling reasons  to embrace change? We think […]